for Zimbra, Postfix and Sendmail

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MSH Disclaimer & Signatures inserts signatures and disclaimers to e-mail messages that are processed on the mail server. Disclaimers are typically used to provide legal information, warnings about unknown or unverified e-mail senders, or for other reasons as determined by an organization.

Application lets you target disclaimers based on conditions and exceptions that are defined in disclaimer rules on MTA server. Disclaimer rules give you the flexibility to assign specific disclaimers to email messages based on business needs. For example, you could specify different disclaimers for internal and external messages or for messages sent by users in a specific departments or offices. However, when configuring multiple rules to apply disclaimers, carefully consider the rule conditions you use and avoid applying multiple disclaimers to the same message.


  • Html and text signatures and disclaimers
  • Signatures placed under reply
  • Top and bottom disclaimer
  • No disclaimer duplicates
  • Built-in compose editor
  • Easy to use rule wizard
  • Variety of conditions and exceptions
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Zimbra, Postfix and Sendmail support
  • Integration with LDAP Directory Services
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory



Mail Server

  • Zimbra 6.0+
  • Postfix 2.4+
  • Sendmail 8.12+

Java Runtime Environment

  • Java 8+


Server Module

MSH Disclaimer & Signatures Milter
msh-ds-milter.bin (4.0 MB)
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don't forget to download desktop module

Desktop Module

MSH Disclaimer & Signatures Administrator
msh-ds-admin.bin (2.3 MB)
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MSH Disclaimer & Signatures Administrator
MSH Disclaimer & Signatures.exe (2.4 MB)
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Release History

Demo mode

After installation application will be working in demo mode. Disclaimers will be added to messages which are sent from max 10 different senders and user can define only one rule.


MSH Disclaimer & Signatures is licensed on a per server basis for Zimbra, Postfix and Sendmail. You need to purchase a license for each server that the product will be installed on.

License Type Qty. Price
Server $795
Prices are listed in American dollars and do not include applicable VAT.
Prices are subject to change.
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A license for this software is a one off license and is valid for the major version you purchase (i.e. 1.x) and all updates. The price of the program includes:

  • free software updates
  • email support

Applying Your License

After purchasing MSH Disclaimer & Signatures, you will be sent a license key by email. Instructions on how to apply your license will be attached to that email, but also can be found here.


Go to MSH Disclaimer & Signatures documentation.


If you have any questions or you need support do not hesitate and write to