MSH Exchange Autoresponder 2.1.3
for Microsoft Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007


MSH Exchange Autoresponder is lightweight and easy to deploy software that allows you to create Exchange Server automatic replies, out-of-office messages and email notifications.

The program integrates with Microsoft Exchange via official transport agent API managed by the administration panel you can install even on a workstation.

Easy to navigate GUI provides a quick way to create and manage auto reply rules, such as:

  • support first contact auto replies
  • Out of Office notifications
  • marketing campaigns
  • standard auto reply messages
  • legal compliance notifications


Centralized Exchange Server Solution

Create one template with dynamic content and configure any kind of replying rules centrally on the server. The program works without Outlook.

Trigger the action with message's sender, recipient, subject or all messages

The program allows to search for specific keywords within message's subject, match the sender or recipient address with the defined one. Send the autoreply for selected emails only.

Advanced Time Scheduling

Decide when the automatic reply is sent. Creating rules that are active outside office hours, during weekends, or holidays is not a problem anymore. Recurring time ranges are also supported.

Change autoreply sender address

Rewrite and decide who is the message's sender. Auto replies can use any address you desire.

Add Reply-To header to the auto reply message

Change recipient of autoreply reply.

Compose personalized auto reply message

Create your customized email and take advantage of the HTML power. Keep the look of your correspondence professional and forget about flat-looking plain text messages.

Protect Against Auto-reply wars between Servers

Built in loop-protection mechanism keeps you safe and prevents your server from replying to another autoreply forever. Limit the frequency of sent emails and save your bandwidth.




MSH Exchange Autoresponder is licensed on a per server basis, no matter how many users you have in your environment.

An annual license will allow you to use the licensed software for one year, and entitle to download all updates to the software and to receive technical support. After the one year period ends, the software will no longer function unless a new license is purchased.

How many licenses do I need to buy? Prices are shown in USD and do not include VAT.
End-User License Agreement
server(s) $115 per year
You can also test the application for free for 30-days without any limitations, just drop us a line to and we'll as soon as possible send you a trial license key.

The license covers a major release version of the software you purchase (i.e. 1.x, 2.x etc.) and all updates within the same iteration of the program (e.g. 2.1, 2.2 etc.). The price of the program includes:

Applying Your License

After purchasing MSH Exchange Autoresponder license, the license activation key is sent by email with instructions on how to apply it.


Click the following link to open MSH Exchange Autoresponder documentation.

If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us on

Download version 2.1.3

Exchange Server Version Requirements
2016, 2013 .NET Framework 4.5+, Windows Server 64-bit Download
2010, 2007 .NET Framework 3.5+, Windows Server 64-bit Download
Demo Mode

By default the program works in Demo Mode. When in that mode it's fully functional without any time limit, and adds small MSH Exchange Autoresponder disclaimer to the bottom of each sent autoreply.

Release History

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