2. Frequently Asked Questions

2.1. Can I test the product before buying it?

Yes, you can test the program free of charge and without any time limitations. However, while in demo mode the program adds a disclaimer to every single automatic reply, that reads: Auto reply message sent with MSH Exchange Autoresponder.

2.2. How much does the program cost?

The price for the program’s license is 115 USD for one year license.

An annual license will allow you to use the licensed software for one year, and entitle to download all updates to the software and to receive technical support. After the one year period ends, the software will no longer function unless a new license is purchased.

2.3. How many licenses do I have to buy?

You need to buy a license for each mail processing server with Hub Transport role (Exchange 2007/2010) or Mailbox Server role (Exchange 2013/2016) installed.

The license covers all users regardless of their number in your environment.

2.4. What is the license cost of migrating from version 1.x to version 2.x?

Customers which purchased version 1.x will receive license for the first year for free.

Write to contact@mshsoftware.com if you want to receive a first year free license.

2.5. What are the system requirements?

See Supported Platforms article.

2.6. How the program works?

MSH Exchange Autoresponder utilizes the MS Exchange feature called a transport agent. Transport agent is a small program that can directly access messages processed by the server.

Upon installation, MSH Exchange Autoresponder adds its own agent to the transport service of the server, that allows to scan processed messages in search for its specific properties, e.g. sender’s email address, keywords present in the subject or body of the message etc. Next, If such property is found and it was configured as a condition in the program’s rule the action is triggered - the autoreply is sent.

2.7. Can the application send auto replies in Text format?

No - the program sends only auto replies in Html format.

2.8. Does the program work in Microsoft Exchange 2003 Environment?

MSH Exchange Autoresponder does not support Exchange 2003.

2.9. Is there any limit of rules that can be used?

No, there is no limit. You can create any number of rules in the program.

2.10. Is there any limitation of characters that can be used in the auto reply message?

No, the program does not impose any character limitation in the message sent as automatic response.

2.11. Do I need a new, separate license when upgrading my server to Microsoft Exchange 2013/2016?

No. You can use the license you already own to activate the program in Exchange 2013/2016.

2.12. How to distinguish messages which triggered auto replies?

The application adds to each message, which triggered an auto reply, a header with value:

X-MSH-Autoreply-Trigger: yes

Name and value of the header is not configurable.